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Our Commitment
We are committed to providing students with the opportunity for academic excellence.

Our Company and Office Staff
Our office is located in the foothills above Sacramento. We began serving students in 1997. We serve an ever-expanding area through both online and in-home tutoring.

Deborah Kaplan, Founder and Director, began her first home tutoring service in Southern California in 1985. A credentialed teacher and pioneer in the field of home tutoring, she speaks regularly at professional educational conferences such as those of the National Tutoring Association and the Education Industry Association.

Janice Allen, Charter Schools Director, joined Deborah in 1999. Janice has a background in educational publishing and business administration. Janice expertly manages all aspects of our charter school coordination.

Shannon Allio, Customer Service, joined Home Tutoring Plus in 2009. Shannon takes excellent care of our customers on a part-time basis.

Our Tutors
Our tutors are teachers, substitute teachers, retired teachers, former teachers and professionals who are experienced tutors. All of our instructors have bachelor’s degrees, and many have teaching credentials and/or graduate degrees. We can meet or exceed your school’s qualification requirements for tutors.

Home Tutoring Plus is a proud sponsor of the Hunger Project. A portion of every sale goes toward the sustainable end of hunger. www.thp.org




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