Meeting Your Charter School Needs

Home Tutoring Plus has been providing tutors to charter school students for over a decade. We use our tried-and-true system to match students with the right tutors, to work as a team with parents and Education Specialists/Supervising Teachers, and to best support our students’ success. 

Meeting All Students’ Needs

What value can you put on success? We think it is beyond measure. When students experience difficulty with learning, it can affect their self-esteem, their motivation, and their achievement. If not addressed, these problems often grow and can limit an individual’s potential. Home Tutoring Plus takes care to consider the unique needs of the student and the special skills of the tutor to ensure success.

With in-home and online options, Home Tutoring Plus is the answer for discouraged students who are struggling to pass, highly motivated students who are on the college path , and everyone in between. Our professional tutors draw on their expertise and experience to tailor each tutoring session to their students’ needs. With our one-on-one tutoring, students are supported in reaching their highest level of performance.
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