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Home Tutoring Plus vs. Other Online Programs

Local California Company We’re here. It’s easy to talk with us. We respond quickly to your needs. Both our office staff and tutors are easily accessible to your charter school staff and parents. We communicate well with you.
Local California Teachers  Learning new concepts can be difficult for students. Why add complexities (culture, accent, etc) to the tutoring session by using tutors who live in another country? 
Others May Have Lower Rates on the Surface Others may charge the same for a month whether your student uses 5 minutes or 5 hours. We charge only for what is used. Some advertise their rate for an hour, but if you read carefully you’ll see that the “hour” is actually 45-50 minutes of tutoring.
Honoring the Tutoring Relationship The relationship between student and tutor has been valued since the time of Socrates. Call center tutoring, in which the student gets tutored by whoever is there when the student calls, is a cheap imitation of this nurturing and supportive relationship. A call center tutor can’t acknowledge the student’s progress in the same manner as someone who has been there every step of the way. Red flags won’t wave the same if the student suddenly shows signs of depression or other trouble, nor will an impersonal call center tutor take the same action as would a tutor who is familiar with a student. Personal relationships are invaluable.   

Home Tutoring Plus vs. Popular Learning Centers

Effective Tutoring Methods Franchised Learning Centers often use a method of tutoring called  prescriptive tutoring. They have a prescribed program of learning that every student follows. The students are tested, put in a group of about three students per teacher, and then work using the tutoring centers’ materials. This means that the students will not be getting the help they need with the curriculum that you choose.
Home Tutoring Plus uses non-prescriptive tutoring methods that emphasize the quickest and most direct route to academic success. We use your curriculum and focus on your goals. We build on the students’ strengths and build from the weaknesses. This proves to be a winning formula for virtually all of our students.
Advantages of Tutoring At Home Students are typically more comfortable in their own homes rather than at a noisy tutoring center. The learning center’s usual student/teacher ratio of three-on-one may cause some students to be distracted or held back from their optimum learning potential. They may be swayed by feelings of competitiveness, shyness, inferiority, or any number of emotions which can prevent them from learning. With our one-on-one ratio, a coaching relationship typically develops between tutor and student. The student feels comfortable asking questions and receiving corrections. Our tutors work one-on-one in your home (either physically or online) where the child feels most comfortable.
Improved Study Skills Our tutoring develops or reinforces the habit of studying at home. Home Tutoring Plus students not only advance during the tutoring sessions, but they progress well between lessons. With better study skills and confidence, students often improve even in subjects in which they are NOT being tutored. Learning how to learn is invaluable!
Convenient Most of our parents and students appreciate the convenience of tutoring in their homes. There is no travel time, and the parents can do as they please in their homes (as contrasted with parents looking for ways to use their time while waiting for their children at a tutoring center). If you do not want tutoring in the home, we will come to your work, a library, a coffee shop, etc. As long as you have an internet connection or are within our in-home areas, tutoring can take place wherever it is most convenient for you.

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